“I am very delighted to have the opportunity to offer my strong recommendation for Kara Washington as a cello instructor.  I have been a student of Kara’s since March of 2014 and have enjoyed every minute.  I am an adult student who has wanted to learn the cello since I was a young woman.  Kara’s patience, great attitude, and love for music has made my learning experience pleasurable.  I had some large obstacles to overcome in the beginning with the set-up of my cello in order to just start playing.  Kara has been with me every step of the way providing great support, research and recommendations to ensure I had an enjoyable experience.
Since I have been with Kara I have been able to not only learn basic music notes, keys, and tables, but I was able to take my playing onto a higher level, which, I believe, was only achievable through Kara’s ingenuity and dedication. Kara’s method of teaching focuses on a combination of formal training, feeling, emotion, and presence. Kara’s drive for perfection is incentive enough to encourage myself to seek the highest quality in my playing. Those who enjoy playing and who would like to place their own signature on their playing will learn a great deal from Kara.
Kara is a rare teacher, one that will not be yelling during lessons or inflicting any type of stress. My lessons, in fact, are among the most enjoyable times of my week. Still, her best quality is that Kara will never take full credit when you’re playing improves, but show you that it is all due to your hard work and dedication. By the time you realize the change, the approach that is infinitely better, she’ll have you convinced that it’s all your own doing. The feeling is true empowerment. This confidence will then take your music wherever you like.  I highly recommend Kara as an instructor for any age or playing level.”

Cheryl C.

“Kara is a wonderful teacher and probably the most patient person I’ve ever met. As an adult beginner with no previous experience with music, I was nervous about trying to learn to play the cello. She has taken me from absolute beginner to reading music and playing Bach Minuets. She has also been a valuable resource in helping me select and care for my cello. I look forward to our lessons, & her support & encouragement has greatly increased my pleasure in learning to play this instrument.”
– Layla F.

“When our youngest daughter decided to play the cello in 6th grade, our main goal was for her to get off on the right foot with her new instrument. Not only was she new to the cello, she couldn’t even read music. Knowing how important that first teacher can be, we were so incredibly thrilled to find Kara Washington. Not only is she a first-rate cellist, but she is a WONDERFUL teacher! Our daughter’s lessons with Kara have been fun and instructional, always encouraging and patient, with the end result being a child who loves both playing and her teacher! Now in our third year with her, I can honestly say that Kara has helped spark what will hopefully be a lifelong love of music. I cannot recommend her enough!”
– Christie M.

“The guidance that Kara has given our young cello player for the last four years is nothing short of phenomenal. From the beginning we knew we made the perfect choice for instruction. The rapport established with our child was instant and she continues to constructively critique with a firm yet compassionate manner.   I believe the entire family is in agreement in saying you don’t get any better than Kara Washington, highly recommended!”
– Rob M.

“I started playing the cello about a year ago and all I can say is I wish I would have started sooner! As an adult I was intimidated to start playing a new instrument and start lessons knowing nothing about the cello or even how to read music. I was so blessed to find Kara as an instructor. She started with me from square one on how to read music and the basics of the cello and I never felt like I was behind. She is an amazing teacher who goes at whatever pace the student desires to learn. She continues to challenge and encourage me in not only learning how to play the cello but to find my confidence and joy in playing music. I highly recommend anyone at any age who is considering the cello to pursue it without hesitation and to take lessons with Kara. I could not imagine starting this journey with any other instructor! ”
– Reid L.

“My 6-year-old son and I both started cello lessons with Kara, after hearing great things from many people about her.  She’s as great with little kids just starting to learn as she is with adults.  Lessons with Kara are one of the best parts of our week!”
-Stephanie B.

Mrs. Washington has been my daughter’s private cello teacher for four years. My daughter has grown not only in ability but in her love for playing. She enjoys every lesson and feels very comfortable with Kara. I highly recommend her for those looking for a private teacher. She will be missed here in Oklahoma.
– Emily B.

Our daughter has been taking lessons from Kara for about a year and a half.  Kara came highly recommended from a school music teacher and we have not been disappointed!  From the first day, I realized that Kara would meet our child where she was musically and encourage her to reach her potential. She has been so patient and encouraging to our daughter.  Our daughter is excited each week for her lesson with Kara.  She has learned so much because of Kara’s wonderful instruction. It is clear that Kara is a gifted musician, but also that she loves to teach! This makes all the difference when working with students. We would HIGHLY recommend Kara Washington!
– Andrea A.

My daughter loved having Kara as a cello teacher!  Kara made the lessons fun and engaging for my daughter and she learned a lot from her!   Kara did a great job of keeping the parents up to date of what was going on too.  I would highly recommend Kara as a cello teacher.  We were sad to see her move, but excited for her new opportunity.  My daughter will miss her.
– Judith L.